BOOK REVIEW: A Young Woman After God’s Own Heart

Elizabeth George’s book, A Young Woman After God’s Own Heart: A teens guide to friends, faith, family and the future, is an ideal read for young women from 13 right up into their early 20s.

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The chapters are a perfect length for this age group as they are not too long but just enough to tackle one challenge per chapter. They are full of wisdom, lessons and challenges that help the teen connect to the word of God.

The book aims to help young Christian girls develop their character as they deepen their relationship with Jesus. Practical advice and tips on how to develop good Bible reading and prayer habits to how they should treat family, particularly parents.

George writes as if she is speaking directly to the reader. She uses positive and encouraging words, even drawing from her own life experience to engage the young women who read her book.

She provides practical advice for young women to increase their obedience to God and strengthen their faith and knowledge of Him.

She instructs them about building good friendships by being cautious about who they spend time with and how that can help them develop a good character.

She also encourages young women to follow God, to speak of God to friends and all those she meets, despite being seen as weird.

There is practical advice to serving others too. She encourages readers to be present with others, be giving, bold and generous.

While there was a chapter devoted to purity, I think it needed more. George did encourage the reader to seek out other materials on the topic, which was positive. However, she emphasised God’s standard for purity but did not explain why.

There are incredibly good reasons behind God’s laws for His people. A solid understanding of the dangers including STDs, depression, substance abuse and the other harmful behaviors associated with teen sex will give our kids an overarching view of the issue.

It will also teach them that God really wants the best for them by protecting them from these things by calling on them to practice self control.

If we expect our children to remain pure because “God says so” we set them up to fail.

This is a good book to help our young women develop a character of a Christian but I still feel they will need more resources to help them achieve that.

It would be an okay read for ages 13-21.

Tip: You can get a preview of this book from her website:

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