BOOK REVIEW: Case for a Creator for Kids

I am a big fan of Lee Strobel’s books and I am particularly impressed with how he has been able to modify the complexity of the evidence for a creator and make it malleable for kids.  His Case for a Creator for Kids book focuses on the scientific evidence for God.

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As well as presenting the scientific discoveries that point to a creator he includes questions to make the young reader think deeper about the subject matter.

Strobel begins by connecting the Big Bang to Genesis 1:3 “Then God said, “Let their be light,” and there was light.

He also introduces the Kalam Cosmological argument:

  1. Everything that has a beginning has a cause.
  2. Universe has a beginning.
  3. Therefore, the universe has a cause.

There is also a discussion of the fine-tuning argument, which is the scientific fact that everything in the universe has been precisely set where it is to sustain life on Earth. No other planet is suitable to allow life to thrive. For example, the Earth’s distance to the sun ensures that it is not too hot or too cold for life to thrive.

Strobel also examines DNA and the complexity of the human body as evidence for an intelligent designer.

The book concludes with four “real-life” stories of kids standing up for their faith, which is a nice way to reinforce to kids that they don’t need to shy away from these situations.

I highly recommend this book for kids (and parents too!!). However, because it deals with scientific issues I suggest it as a resource for kids over six years old.

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