BOOK REVIEW: Red Rock Mysteries #2: Stolen Secrets

The second book in the Red Rock mysteries series, titled Stolen Secrets, was not as good as the first.

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While the characters were expanded  and we got to see some of their personal interests such as Ashley’s dance and Bryce’s sports, the book was not as engaging as the first.

Be aware that the book is based on an alleged incident of a couple of girls being grabbed by a stranger and kept against their will before they escaped.

While there is also a story line about the twins’ stepfather having a role in their dad’s death both plot lines are convoluted with other, unrelated incidences.

A lot of seemingly interesting information is revealed but it never develops into anything. For example, the twins do counseling sessions at their church with a woman who also lost her father at a young age. While we hear of Bryce going to a session nothing develops from that.

It seems like a lot of wasted material that doesn’t add to the story including a school sleep over and a clown performance. Bryce is also hurt during a basketball game but nothing comes of that story line either.

It all left me wondering what was the point to those elements being introduced.

There is a nice friendship that develops between Bryce and another kid at school who is being treated for cancer. But it only develops in a future plan the boys have for an adventure.

But again, it seems to ramble and add things that have nothing to do with each other or the bigger plot lines.

Although the ending in this one is happy and does not leave anyone in suspense about what the next book may be about, I’d say give it a miss.


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