Why do we need more women in apologetics?

To put it simply, we need more women in apologetics because women are often the biggest influence on children – both their own and other people’s kids.

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In Malachi 2:15 it says that God wants Godly children from marriages. While the men are traditionally seen as the leaders and the women as helpmates, it isn’t helpful when she is unequipped.

Often women are the ones at home tending to the children. They are the ones who are there on a daily basis teaching and guiding the kids. As well, children give their parents – and especially their mothers – a level of love and trust above all others in the first years of their lives. Thus, she is in a position to prepare the child’s heart for God.

Being equipped to teach our kids logical reasons to believe in God is crucial in today’s world. I have heard too many stories of children who leave the faith because they have questions about issues that only the world dares to discuss. If we are not able to provide these answers for our children we can only blame ourselves when they choose another worldview.

Another strong reason why women should be apologists is because they are often in a unique position to impact other people’s children for the faith. There are many female teachers and they dominate the childcare industry. If they are equipped with apologetics they will be great guides for kids in this age of confusion and immorality.

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